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At the Q Theatre, Queanbeyan,

Performance: 8pm 27 November

For further information and some video previews, visit the Facebook event page.

Booking: Contact STARTS for more info 4823 4407



Empowering The Female Voice

Empowering, Simple Harmonies, Creative Writing and Composition

Unviversal Strings Masterclass

Western and Asian Strings Combined. Chinese Tunes and Mongolian Melodies. Arranging for Violin, Cello, Double Bass & More!

Cross Cultural Rhythms

Simple Beats in Different Cultural Contexts. Learn African & Latin Rhythms. Group Rhythm Patterns


Booking: Contact STARTS for more info 4823 4407

Maisies Choir with Pru GowShowcase Performance of the Choir

at the Yass Soldiers Club on Sunday 16 August

The Choir has been invigorated by how well their performance was received and were delighted and appreciated Pru Goward's reflections on the value of singing.

Four new people arrived to join the choir at this morning's rehearsal, and the Choir has agreed to sing at the Daffodil fund raising event at St Clements Yass on Thursday 10 September at 2pm and will also sing at the Relay for Life event in November.


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